Interior Reclaimed Wood Barn Door Ideas

Reclaimed wood barn doors add distinction and rustic charm to any home.


Barn doors have become a popular addition to home interiors, and the trend is expected to be enduring. Buyers favor homes with this rugged architectural feature for a variety of reasons, from practical to purely aesthetic. An undeniable aspect of interior barn doors is that they are outstanding pieces suitable with any décor, including elegant settings.

A Space Saver


Sliding interior barn doors are ideal in spaces where opening a hinged door is too much of an intrusion. A traditional hinged door requires approximately 9 feet to function properly. Double doors occupy even more real estate. Interior barn doors can provide the ideal solution. A requirement is adjacent wall space for a barn door to slide over.

The Power of Contrast


The best features in a home draw attention and evoke a response. A ship lap interior barn door, for instance, could be painted white and look amazing in a room full of formal furniture. The contrast between sleek design and the personality of an old barn door is a real winner. When the original hardware is included, it adds to the appeal. The sliding mechanism for a barn door is a very different look, compared to hinged doors that usually only have a visible door knob.

Pick a Room


As long as the required adjacent space is available, interior barn doors can be used in any room, whether for entry or leading into a closet or adjoining bathroom. The versatility of these doors is impressive, since they can give any space an unmistakable upgrade. Whereas the swinging of hinged doors can lead to damaged walls and a frequent need for touchup or repair, correctly installed barn doors don’t create those types of problems.

Salvaged Wood


Interior barn doors are stunning examples of using reclaimed wood, the superior wood for building furniture. The character in the wood is derived from time and having been used for a different purpose. New wood can’t mimic the textures and colors in any type of reclaimed wood. Old barn doors are not susceptible to warping, twisting, or shrinking when temperatures fluctuate. Other types of salvaged wood ideal for furniture besides barn doors include railroad ties, flooring, mills, wooden fences, and window frames.

Muffling Sound and More


Barn doors are available in many sizes and thicknesses. It’s advisable to have an interior barn door that is a minimum of 1 5/8” to 1 ¾” thick, so that sound from one room to the next is muffled and there isn’t a loss of heat through the door. If assurance of privacy is desired, it’s best to have a professional handle installation, since barn doors leave gaps and it can be difficult to install a locking mechanism.



The creative possibilities for interior barn doors are limitless. You can have a set of doors that cover shelves when fully open and hide a cozy book nook when closed. Off the kitchen, a small cross-section of a barn door could hide a butler’s pantry. This staging area for storage space and serving meals is making a comeback, and interior barn doors add the ideal way to reveal the functional space.

Maurice’s Furnishings for Interior Barn Doors


Maurice’s Furnishings offers many different creations using reclaimed wood, including gorgeous interior barn doors with ship lap. Furniture from Maurice’s can be built to specifications. Our skilled master craftsmen can build and install interior barn doors to provide any home with added uniqueness and distinction.


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