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Causes of Damage to Antique Furniture North Palm Beach

Collecting Antique Furniture North Palm Beach is a business that many people venture into for prestige or to make money. Some still do it as a hobby and it is regarded as the most expensive hobby to venture in to but can still give you income if done correctly. It is thus important for antique collectors to try and protect their investments by understanding a few things about antique furniture. Antique Furniture North Palm Beach collectors need to understand how they should clean the antiques and the risk factors that could damage their collections.

Antique Furniture  faces a number of risk factors that can cause damage to antique furniture and ruin your venture or hobby. Fluctuations in relative humidity which constantly exposes the furniture to changes in weather and temperature can cause harm to the antique furniture. Temperature changes result in to constant expansion and shrinking which may eventually cause splitting or cracking on the old and sensitive furniture. Antique Furniture North Palm Beach thus needs to have antique rooms where you can control weather conditions to prevent damaging your collections. Other people prefer the use of humidifier to prevent damage.

Another risk factor to Antique Furniture North Palm Beach is exposure to direct sunlight. This can damage antique by altering the color of the finish. Antiques should thus never be placed in places where they are in direct sunlight or use UV filters.

Another risk to Antique Furniture North Palm Beach is insect infestation by termites. The only remedy to this problem is fumigation. It should be done effectively and made sure that you do not leave any insect to curb multiplication. Insects can destroy your antique by eating it up or making holes that make them weak and lose their value. They can also destroy them by making the furniture unstable. Another risk is how the antiques are handled. This is especially when cleaning. The kind of cleaning material and chemical used should be taken in to consideration. A soft cloth should be used to clean the antiques. You should not use sprays as the chemicals used to make them could cause stains on wooden antiques or cause points of weakness. The method of cleaning is also tricky. In case a fluid falls on the Antique Furniture, you do not wipe it off, but instead absorb it with a wet cloth.

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