Antique Furniture Palm Beach Gardens

Antique Furniture Palm Beach Gardens can be Used for Storage

To some people, furniture can be a piece of decorative art or can even be used for a religious purpose. Since the end of nomadic cultures, furniture became part of the human experience. Evidence of furniture has been discovered as far back as 3100-2500 BC. Some of this furniture was built with stone, a readily available material that could be crafted easily and turned into items within the household. Just like today, people back then used to place symbolic faces and other decorative works at the entrance of the house. Antique Furniture Palm Beach Gardens has a variety of furniture that are preserved to be symbols of the then lifestyles or class. Antique furniture found here is made of different types of materials. Materials include wood, metal, stone and plastics. There is sure to be something that will meet all tastes and preferences. Furniture design has expanded with time and there are different shapes and textures available, unique designs and all are crafted from many different wood types.

Elm is the most common softwood used in the manufacturing of furniture. Its color tends to be yellowish brown and possesses a striking wave like grain. It is of medium density hardness making it an excellent medium for furniture manufacturing purposes. The next most common wood is camphor. It is one of the oldest species and this explains why most antique furniture Palm Beach Gardens is made of this wood. The other wood that is very rare is Oak. It’s always been known as excellent furniture making wood. The wood is very difficult to dry and not easy to work on. It is extremely dense and hard and has got distinctive short dark lines. Due to the difficulty in working with this wood, it is generally used for making more expensive furniture. Oak gardens are often referred to as prestigious. Oak has always been used for symbolic and religious furniture and typically has a higher cost.

Above are the most common woods used to create antique furniture. When shopping for Antique furniture Palm Beach Gardens be aware of imitations. Go to the professionals in the field, Maurice’s Furnishings. Call them today at 561-747-4539.

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