Ashley Down, Bristol – A Small Town With Big Surprises

Ashley Down in Bristol is a small market town in the North of Bristol. It lies to the east of St Andrews, south of St Werburghs, and east of Bishopston. The main road in Ashley Down Road, which passes through many gardens and small market towns. Ashley Down is one of the few locations in the United Kingdom where you will find two rivers, The Ridgeline and The River Usk. Learn more here.

The people of Ashley Down have made a name for themselves in music and photography. Mike Rice grew up listening to the sounds of The Beatles, which were sourced from his family home and ended up studying art when he got to college in Manchester. After that, he went to college in Bristol, where he did some work as an illustrator, before discovering photography, which led him to begin creating his art, including photographic paintings. He also worked as a photographer for several years, before deciding to turn his hand at painting. Learn more about Things To See And Do In St. Werburghs, Bristol United Kingdom.

Today Ashley Down plays host to festivals of all types. In the summer it has been known to stage the UK’s biggest Car Rally, which has become a huge hit around the world, attracting a crowd of cars and motorcyclists from all over the UK, and indeed beyond. As well as the car rally, the town has also hosted Thuka bringing people back from their beach holidays to relax in one of the many luxury pools in the area. All in all Ashley Down, Bristol United, Kingdom is a fun and relaxing place to visit.

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