Custom Cabinetry Jupiter

High quality customCustom Cabinetry Jupiter – 561-747-4539 cabinetry Jupiter from Maurice’s Furnishings is widely hailed as extraordinary. What makes the fine furnishings built at Maurice’s undeniably exceptional? The answer goes beyond the fact that they are constructed of solid wood in Maurice’s own Florida production facility. There is inspiration behind each piece, whether from beautiful antiques or from our customers who can collaborate in the creation of matchless cabinetry.

Custom Cabinetry Jupiter Offers Cherished Workmanship

The signature work done by Maurice’s Furnishings is made special by the care that goes into every piece. For various custom projects, Maurice has traveled the world to select reclaimed wood timbers. Not only in Florida but also throughout the country and occasionally internationally, Maurice’s Furnishing works with builders and designers to create one-of-a-kind libraries, kitchens, media rooms, and closets.

Custom Kitchens, Kitchen Islands, Built-Ins, and more

Custom cabinetry Jupiter from Maurice’s is ideal for anyone who wants stunning cabinetry for their kitchen, den, kitchen islands, bars, vanities, built-ins, closets and more. Not just a passing fad in home design, custom closets have alone driven up the demand for the types of products and high-quality services provided by Maurice’s Furnishings.

Exclusive Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

On the high end of recycling is using reclaimed timber, and Maurice’s is proud of our devotion to reclamation. Reclaimed wood can come from many different sources to be used for beautiful exclusive furniture. Our quests for reclaimed wood are frequently right here in the U.S., and it can come from barns, factories, homes, and other types of dilapidated buildings. The benefits of not needing to harvest new wood sources and of keeping ecosystems intact give us and our clients more reasons to be happy about our custom cabinets, kitchen islands, closets, bars, and more. Birds, squirrels, and insects are happier, too, when flourishing trees get to stay put.

The environmental aspect is just one reason to be thrilled about our original wood cabinetry. There is historical character in every piece, which adds even more to the depth of the furniture’s value. Some types of wood are now only available as reclaimed wood. These are rare finds that add even more to the quality and value of a project.

Reclaimed wood has numerous desirable attributes. For instance, many historical structures from which reclaimed wood can be obtained were built from virgin growth timber. In other words, the trees grew untouched by man for centuries. Strength and durability are among the wonderful attributes of reclaimed wood.

Above all, there is unique beauty in reclaimed wood that cannot be mimicked in new timber. Many consider resurrected wood to be art, which is understandable when you look at products made in the many shades of reclaimed wood.

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Modern solid wood furniture in any form is rare. In fact, Maurice’s is one of few remaining solid wood furniture builders in the U.S. Custom cabinetry Jupiter from Maurice’s Furnishing’s always becomes a cherished focal point. Call Maurice’s today at 561-747-4539 for imported or custom-built cabinetry unsurpassed in quality.

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