Custom Cabinetry North Palm Beach

Choosing Custom Cabinetry North Palm Beach

Maurice’s Furnishings offers custom cabinetry North Palm Beach widely recognized as exceptional. The extraordinary cabinetry built in the company’s own production facility in Florida is unique for reasons beyond the solid wood construction. Each cabinetry project is designed through inspiration, the source being perhaps a rare antique or collaboration with clients. A trademark aspect common to cabinetry and other furnishings built in Maurice’s facility is the use of stunning reclaimed wood.

Cherished Workmanship

Every custom cabinet fashioned at Maurice’s Furnishings is made with noteworthy workmanship. Even the materials used are selected with strict attention to detail. Maurice has journeyed internationally as well as throughout the country to select reclaimed wood to fit many different custom projects. Many designers and builders throughout the country and from time to time internationally have consulted with Maurice’s Furnishings in the design and crafting of unique cabinetry, closets, media rooms, kitchens, and libraries.

Custom Cabinetry, Kitchens, Closets, and more

Special care is taken to create custom kitchen and den cabinets as well as vanities, kitchen islands, bars, built-ins, and closets. We create cabinetry that is not only one-of-a-kind aesthetically but also functionally. A kitchen island, for instance, may be desired for additional storage space but can also act as a station for additional outlets and appliances or casual seating. It is a given that custom cabinetry North Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings will be an eye-catching focal point in any home.

Select Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

Recycling is never more elegant than when timber is reclaimed. Maurice’s uses reclaimed timber for custom cabinetry, including media centers, closets, kitchen islands, vanities, and kitchen cabinets. Reclaimed timber is available from various sources in the U.S., including aging factories, barns, houses, and other structures. The fact that new trees don’t need to be harvested is a big plus for our clients who like the idea of leaving ecosystems undisturbed.

Using reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly, but there is much more that makes it ideal for high quality wood cabinetry. Character of an historic nature is built into cabinets made with reclaimed timber, which deepens its value. There are some types of wood that are not available except in reclamation projects. There is even more to cherish about such rare materials.

Even the untrained eye can see that cabinets made with reclaimed wood are beautiful beyond compare. It is not an exaggeration to say that many pieces of reclaimed wood look like art. When used in cabinetry, the effects are remarkable.

There are many historical buildings and barns that were originally built with virgin growth timber. All of the trees used had been growing for hundreds of years before men laid the axe to them. Such resources have the added benefit of remarkable strength and durability.

Call Maurice’s Today

Rarely is furniture made with solid wood. There are few furniture builders in the U.S. who still use solid wood, and Maurice’s Furnishings is among them. For beautiful custom cabinetry North Palm Beach that provides a treasured feature in your home, contact Maurice’s Furnishings at 561-747-4539.


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