Custom Cabinetry Palm Beach Gardens

Maximizing Beauty and Efficiency with Custom Cabinetry Palm Beach Gardens

Family owned and operated Maurice’s Furnishings is proud to offer unique solid-wood custom cabinetry Palm Beach Gardens. After dealing with antiques for many years, Maurice was inspired to offer antique reproductions to his customers. The popularity of the pieces created ultimately resulted in a Florida production facility in which extraordinary cabinetry and other furnishings are built. Inspiration comes from beautiful antiques and often from clients, who can contribute to details of their one-of-a-kind cabinetry from Maurice’s.

Signature Cabinetry

Maurice’s Furnishings is renowned for building signature cabinetry in which care is obviously taken with each piece. Maurice has frequently traveled throughout the U.S. and abroad to choose the ideal reclaimed wood for particular projects. Frequently, furniture builders and designers work with Maurice’s to design and build extraordinary kitchens, media rooms, closets, and libraries.

Cherished Workmanship

Many with a desire for stunning custom cabinetry Palm Beach Gardens call on Maurice’s. Whether the cabinetry is a kitchen island, bar, vanity, closet, media center, or kitchen cabinets, it is always an undeniable focal point that elevates a home’s interior. The high quality workmanship coupled with custom design makes each piece even more valuable for our clients.

Beautiful Reclaimed Timber

The unique designs for kitchen cabinets, media centers, kitchen islands, bars, vanities, built-ins, and closets at Maurice’s are typically built with magnificent reclaimed timber. There are numerous features that set recycled wood apart.

The Environment – We are proud of the fact that using reclaimed wood helps the environment. No new trees need to be harvested, which means we contribute to keeping precious ecosystems intact. There is also the element of recycling wood instead of destroying it and adding it to landfills.

Historical Significance – It’s truly a shame when wood from historical structures isn’t recycled, since there is great value in every board and beam. There is history in reclaimed wood that never fails to inject added warmth and character to the custom cabinetry built with it.

Quality – Reclaimed wood is a coveted item among builders and designers in every sector because of the many great qualities the wood inherently possesses. Much of the antique wood that can be reclaimed is virgin growth timber, which is oftentimes denser, harder, stronger, and more durable than new growth wood. Antique timber is also less susceptible to potentially harmful effects of temperature changes and moisture. Reclaimed wood is dry, which means that it is far less likely to warp, shrink, or twist.

Beauty – Although these many qualities of reclaimed wood are exceptional, the most appreciated aspect of reclaimed wood is its beauty. Aged wood beams feature a depth of color, character, and beauty that are only possible with the passage of time.

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Your home should be as unique as you are. Add charm, character, and beauty to your home with custom cabinetry Palm Beach Gardens from Maurice’s Furnishing’s. You can choose from our existing designs or have a cabinet built with your own specifications, to increase functionality. Call Maurice’s today at 561-747-4539.

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