Custom Cabinetry Palm Beach

Why Consider Custom Cabinetry Palm Beach?

Custom cabinetry Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings is known for its durability and beauty. Extraordinary furniture is built in Maurice’s own production facility in Florida, where highly skill craftsmen create treasured antique reproductions. Each solid wood cabinet is unique and lasting, being built with furniture assembly techniques that are time-honored.

Built with Care

A great level of care goes into all of the cabinetry built at Maurice’s Furnishings. There is inspiration behind the creation of each kitchen island, bar, vanity, closet, media center, and set of kitchen cabinets. Even the materials used are a thoughtful part of the process of achieving signature work. Maurice has traveled the globe for different custom cabinetry projects in order to personally select reclaimed wood timbers to be used. Designers and builders across the U.S. as well as some from other countries have collaborated with Maurice’s to fashion extraordinary media rooms, closets, kitchens, and more.

Custom Cabinetry

High-end custom cabinetry Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings is unmatched, including vanities, closets, kitchen islands, media centers, and kitchen cabinets. For many years, custom closets have been trending as must-have home features, leading to an even higher demand for one-of-a-kind creations built by Maurice’s. Clients can have a hand in designing the piece that’s ideal for their home or office or they can choose from the wide selection of production cabinetry.

Reclaimed Wood Cabinetry

One of the distinctions that set original designs from Maurice’s Furnishings apart is the use of beautiful reclaimed timber. We are proud to be involved in reclamation, for benefits to the environment and to the quality of our custom cabinetry. Our pursuit of sources for reclaimed wood has led us to many places in the U.S. as well as abroad. The wood we use comes from places such as old homes, barns, factories, and other structures that are either being torn down or have become dilapidated.

Those who are environmentally conscious understand the benefits of using reclaimed wood include contributing to keeping ecosystems undisturbed.

The historical character in each piece of reclaimed timber is also a valuable aspect of the custom cabinetry built at Maurice’s. There are rare kinds of wood only available as reclaimed timber, which are even more treasured finds that add to the significance of kitchen cabinetry, vanities, media centers, and other cabinets for the home.

An attribute of reclaimed wood that should not be overlooked is that some historical structures were constructed with virgin growth timber. There is tremendous strength in such reclaimed timber, since the trees used had been growing literally for centuries.

Ultimately, beauty is the true mark of cabinetry built with reclaimed wood.

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Elevating your home’s interior can be as simple as buying custom cabinetry Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings. Your stunning cabinets can be built in one of the few solid wood furniture production facilities remaining in the U.S. Any piece you purchase from Maurice’s is built to last for generations and is beautiful enough to be cherished for centuries, as well. Contact Maurice’s Furnishings today by calling 561-747-4539.

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