Custom Cabinetry West Palm Beach

The Benefits You Get From Custom Cabinetry West Palm Beach

Maurice’s Furnishings offers extraordinary custom cabinetry West Palm Beach with numerous unique qualities that sets each piece apart. The solid wood cabinetry from Maurice’s is built in the family-owned company’s own production facility in Florida. Using time-honored furniture assembly techniques, skillful craftsmen build inspired reproductions of antiques and distinctive creations in which our clients contribute their ideas.

High Quality Wood Cabinetry

Reclaimed wood is the material used at Maurice’s Furnishings to create matchless cabinetry. Every vanity, closet, media center, kitchen island, and kitchen cabinet is crafted with care and attention to detail. Maurice has occasionally traveled to places throughout the world to hand-pick the reclaimed wood for particular projects. As word has gotten out about the exceptional furniture built at Maurice’s, the company has often been called upon to work on custom cabinetry projects with designers and builders in the U.S. and internationally. Those projects have included elaborate closets, built-in media centers, bars, unique kitchen islands, and striking vanities.

Custom Cabinetry

The custom cabinetry West Palm Beach built at Maurice’s Furnishings includes stunning closets, vanities, kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands, and media centers. Many of our clients appreciate the ability to help design their custom-built cabinetry, whether to increase functionality or to have certain features in a cherished focal point in their home. A certain type of vanity may be a client’s dream, or a kitchen island with a particular kind of storage or seating may be desired. Maurice’s skilled builders can achieve elaborate concepts in beautiful cabinetry.

Reclaimed Timber

Magnificent reclaimed wood used for cabinetry in a kitchen, den, closet, or vanity adds warmth, character, beauty, durability, and charm. There are many tremendous qualities in reclaimed timber that cannot be mimicked in new timber. The following is more about the product we use for our solid wood cabinetry at Maurice’s Furnishings.

Quality – Builders and designers in all sectors who understand the many benefits of reclaimed wood consider it a highly coveted building material. Reclaimed wood inherently possesses qualities of deep value. It is far denser, stronger, and durable than new growth wood. There is often exceptional hardness in recycled wood that originated as virgin growth timber because such trees often grew for centuries, untouched by man. There is less susceptibility to the harmful effects of moisture and temperature changes, when antique wood is used to build cabinetry. Because reclaimed timber is dry, it is much less likely than new wood to twist, shrink, or warp.

Historical Significance – Wood from historical structures should always be recycled, if for the historical value alone. Undeniable warmth and character is injected into wood cabinetry built with reclaimed wood.

The Environment – The environmental benefits of using reclaimed timber are undisputed. Rather than destroying the wood and hauling it to landfill, the reclaimed wood can help prevent harvesting of trees. Today’s foresting systems ensure the planting of new trees for every tree cut down. Still, ecosystems are disturbed wherever trees are felled.

Beauty – The quality most appreciated in reclaimed timber is unmatched beauty. There is a depth of character, beauty, and rich color in aged wood beams not found in new timber.

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