Custom Furniture In Jupiter, FL

Maurice’s Furnishings Of Jupiter, FL

Jupiter, Florida is one-of-a-kind in that the town joins the waterfront life of the southeastern coast together with the antiquities they intend to preserve. Maurice’s Furnishings has been around since 1981 when it opened as an antique shop. Maurice, along with his wife Tony, immigrated from Holland to create a better life for the family. Since then, they have grown into the antique furniture and custom furniture showroom it is today. They are well-known for assisting clients in designing custom kitchens, from the conception to the crafting and installation. Though the operations have been handed to their children, Maurice Jr. and Natasja, Maurice Sr. and Tony continue to lend a hand in day-to-day tasks. 

The Guarantee

Although entirely locally operated, Maurice’s has grown to service clients all over the country and even internationally. With the help of the website, customers can view the wide variety available in the showroom. Their very own production facility in nearby Port St. Lucie is where skilled craftsmen create immaculate antique reproductions and custom pieces from only solid-wood. 

Maurice himself is known to travel the world to select the finest timbers for special projects. In addition, he sees to it that all custom assignments are run by him during production. That’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. They take pride in providing only the highest quality Jupiter custom furniture and cabinetry by sticking with the time-honored furniture building techniques.

Clients choose Jupiter custom furniture for many reasons, including:

  • Redecorating The Home

It is recommended to redecorate every two to three years. This does not have to be every room at a time, so clients may choose to stagger their redecorations to stay on top of trends and keep their home feeling fresh. 

  • Looking For Quality

It is easy to get caught up in the assembly-line décor available at superstores. These items become quickly outdated and end up in the clearance aisle. Quality Jupiter custom furniture increases in value within the home with proper care. Maurice’s Furnishings offers tried-and-true building techniques to ensure the durability of their custom furniture. It is made with only the finest solid-wood to make sure of this.

  • The Right Fit

It goes without saying that Jupiter custom furniture fits right in with the home. A lot of clients purchase the furniture and, with proper care, can even save money over time with this long-term investment.

  • Antique Fashions Never Go Out of Style

No matter what year, people will always find joy in antiquing. Aside from trinkets, antique furniture is making a comeback as millennials begin to decorate their freshly-purchased homes. Antiques are typically crafted with better care and quality than those assembly-line furnishings. Custom furnishings will only increase in value in the home it was made for.

Aside from the Four Season’s, imported and antique furniture Maurice’s has to offer, your wildest dreams can come true in your very own home. Designing and building your Jupiter custom furniture has never been as easy as with Maurice’s Furnishings. The family-style of doing business is clear in the warm service they provide.

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