Custom Furniture North Palm Beach

Choosing a Manufacturer for Custom Furniture North Palm Beach

Custom furniture North Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings is the perfect addition to make any house a home possessing of warmth, character, and distinctive beauty. Known for building extraordinary custom furniture of the highest quality, Maurice’s has its own production facility in Florida, one of the few in the U.S. still building solid-wood furniture. The work achieved by our skilled craftsmen has led to Maurice’s being sought after by builders and designers around the globe for the purpose of collaborating to produce outstanding custom furnishings.

Unsurpassed Quality

Maurice’s Furnishings is family owned and operated, and building custom furniture arose out of a desire to provide clients with fine reproductions of rare antiques. Reclaimed wood is the finest material available, and our custom furniture is almost exclusively built with antique timber. Qualities that add value to furniture include skilled workmanship, uniqueness, timelessness, rarity, and historical value. These attributes are found in every piece of custom furniture North Palm Beach from Maurice’s.

We offer the following custom-made furniture plus other miscellaneous solid wood items:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Servers
  • TV Consoles
  • Wall Units
  • Desks
  • Armoires

Reclaimed Timber

Not only does reclaimed timber used at Maurice’s come from historical structures throughout the U.S., but Maurice has, from time to time, traveled the world in search of the perfect reclaimed timber for certain custom projects. Antique wood has qualities that can’t be matched in new timber. Reclaimed timber is the material used to make such custom pieces as desks, armoires, dining tables, and end tables for the following reasons and more:

Historical Significance – Reclaimed wood has inherent character because of its historical value. A custom end table, television console, or wall unit made with antique wood from a factory, barn, mill, church, or home can be appreciated for the fact that it has a valuable story connecting it to former times. Some types of rare antique timber or no longer available from natural growth.

The Environment – Environmental benefits of using reclaimed timber are also significant. By using antique wood, eco-systems can remain undisturbed, forests are preserved, and the demand for virgin timber is reduced. Reclaimed wood is perhaps the highest form of recycling, and Maurice’s Furnishings is proud to make such positive contributions to the environment.

Quality – The magnificent quality and artistic nature of reclaimed wood is undisputed among many professional designers and builders. Reclaimed timber is much in demand because it has far greater durability, strength, and density than new growth timber. Furniture such as custom dining tables and TV consoles are less susceptible to effects of moisture and temperature change, when built with reclaimed wood. Antique wood is also far less likely to twist, warp, or shrink because of how much dryer it is than new wood.

Beauty – While every piece of custom furniture built with reclaimed wood is entirely unique, each is stunning. The beautiful qualities of reclaimed oak, cypress, heartpine, hickory, and other types of timber are distinctive and rich in color and texture.

Maurice’s Custom Furniture

If you are ready to add cherished, durable custom furniture North Palm Beach to your home, contact Maurice’s Furnishings today at 561-747-4539.

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