Custom Furniture Palm Beach Focuses on Quality

In a time when Palm Beach families increasingly settle for lower-quality flat-packed furniture — when furniture Palm Beach has become considered a disposable good, something you replace often when it breaks, or is damaged beyond repair — it’s less common to see a custom furniture Palm Beach maker who markets themselves under an “old world” banner.


In an age when big national chains dominate the landscape in every market — including Maurice’s furniture Palm Beach — a family owned and operated business might seem like an anachronism, a throwback novelty that couldn’t possibly stay afloat, much less thrive.

This is why Maurice’s Furnishings is such a special business — not just because of what they make and how wonderful it is, but because of how it’s made, and in many ways why. More than 30 years ago, Maurice Jonker Sr. left his native home in the Netherlands and brought his family to the United States, opening the doors of his business in Juno Beach in 1981. What began as a modest antique shop with a focus on European pine furniture went on to set the standard in the North Palm Beach area for quality, dependable furnishings that went head-and-shoulders above the standard offerings of chain stores. As the needs of their customers evolved, so did Maurice’s Furnishings, developing a line of custom furniture with the look, feel, and durability of their favorite antiques — built using those sold wood “old world” techniques that have made their creations among the most sought-after custom furniture Palm Beach area.

Today, the team at Maurice’s Furnishings crafts world-class custom furniture Palm Beach designs for every room in the home, working with home builders, decorators, and homeowners to create the perfect accents for the spaces they love — from couches to cabinetry and everything in between.


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