Custom Furniture Palm Beach

Benefits of Custom Furniture Palm Beach

Custom furniture Palm Beach from family-owned Maurice’s Furnishings can add tremendous character and elevated charm to any home. The extraordinary custom dining tables, coffee and end tables, armoires, bookcases, sideboard tables, and more from Maurice’s are durable, cherished pieces. All of our custom solid-wood furniture is built in the family’s own production facility in Florida, which is one of the few remaining solid-wood furniture production facilities in the U.S. Our skilled craftsmen are renowned for their quality work.

Cherished Furniture

Uniqueness, timelessness, rarity, historical value, and quality workmanship are all inherent in our custom furniture because we use magnificent reclaimed wood. We understand that a dining table, for instance, can be so much more than a useful surface. The place where you sit and dine with friends and family should be as special as the every day but memorable conversations that take place there. Your home is perhaps the most important place where life happens, and it makes sense to furnish it with pieces that contribute something of substance to your home atmosphere.

Custom-made furniture we offer includes:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Servers
  • TV Consoles
  • Wall Units
  • Desks
  • Armoires

Valuable Reclaimed Wood

Maurice’s custom furniture Palm Beach is beautiful because of craftsmanship and design, with many being replications of sought-after antiques, and also because of the magnificent reclaimed wood it is made with. For various custom projects, Maurice has traveled the world in search of the perfect reclaimed timber. Whether from the U.S. or from international soil, the reclaimed wood we find for our custom furniture is from such structures as mills, factories, churches, houses, and barns and is ideal material for home furniture. Some of the great qualities of antique wood follow.

The Environment – Using reclaimed wood means that there is less environmental impact than with virgin timber. Eco-systems can remain intact, and the demand for new wood is reduced.

Quality – The quality of reclaimed wood surpasses that of fresh timber in unmistakable ways. Antique wood has greater density, strength, and durability. There is less potential damage caused by moisture and temperature fluctuations. Because reclaimed timber is dry, there is less of a tendency to shrink, twist, or warp, compared to virgin timber. These qualities in a dining table, desk, armoire, and other furnishings makes them cherished pieces for generations.

Historical Significance – Reclaimed wood is more than a part of a beautiful tree cut from a forest. It also has historical significance in whichever region it is obtained from. The character in reclaimed wood is in its texture and beauty as well as its history. It is possible to find reclaimed wood of a variety no longer available in the natural environment, making custom furniture it is made with even more treasured.

Beauty – Beauty is something every unique piece of reclaimed timber has in common. There are stunning attributes in ancient wood, whether it is reclaimed cypress, hickory, oak, heart pine, Douglas fir, or some other variety.

Custom Furnishings from Maurice’s

Don’t hesitate to contact us at Maurice’s Furnishing’s for custom furniture Palm Beach of the highest quality. Call us today at 561-747-4539 to learn more.

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