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Bring Out Your Unique Style with Custom Furniture West Palm Beach

For extraordinary custom furniture West Palm Beach, Maurice’s Furnishings is the place to go. Maurice’s is family owned and operated, and the creation of custom pieces arose out of a desire to make high-quality antique reproductions available to customers. The production facility in Florida is one of the few solid-wood furniture building facilities in the U.S. The skilled workmanship and beautiful design of custom furniture from Maurice’s has led to collaborations with many builders and designers throughout America and abroad.

Exclusive Custom Furniture

Reclaimed wood is the finest material that can be used for solid-wood furniture. Maurice’s Furnishings is proud to use this environmentally friendly resource. There have been times when Maurice has traveled the globe to find reclaimed timber that is just right for certain custom projects. Care is always taken to select beautiful reclaimed wood. This is more than fresh-cut lumber. It is a material that adds timelessness, rarity, historical value, and uniqueness to skilled craftsmanship, all of which are characteristic of the custom furniture West Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings.

Custom-made furniture available from Maurice’s includes the following and more:

  • Dining Tables
  • Armoires
  • Wall Units
  • Desks
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Servers
  • TV Consoles

Reclaimed Wood

Qualities in reclaimed timber are undisputedly superior to new timber. For this reason, builders and designers constantly seek out recycled wood for special projects. The following are some of the attributes of reclaimed wood that make it such a valuable resource.

Historical Significance – Anyone with an appreciation for history recognizes the value of a wall unit, dining table, desk, or armoire made with wood from a historical structure. We collect gorgeous reclaimed wood from barns, factories, mills, houses, and churches. Some bits of history can be experienced in no other way, since there are some pieces of antique timber that aren’t accessible through natural growth.

The Environment – Protecting the environment is a good cause, and Maurice’s Furnishings is proud to contribute by using reclaimed timber for custom furniture. We consider our practice of using reclaimed wood to be recycling in its most elevated form. By building furniture with reclaimed timber, no new trees need to be harvested. We help to keep eco-systems intact, preserve forests, and reduce the demand for new growth timber.

Quality – The qualities and intrinsic beauty in reclaimed wood are magnificent, and furniture made with this resource are superior to pieces built with new timber. There is much more density, durability, and strength in reclaimed timber. Some historical structures were built long ago with virgin growth timber, which means the trees had been growing undisturbed for centuries before being harvested. Such resources are particularly strong and durable. When you have a dining table, wall unit, or coffee table made with reclaimed wood, the piece is less vulnerable to the effects of temperature fluctuations and moisture than if it were made with fresh timber. Our materials are also less prone to warping, shrinking, or twisting than new wood sources.

Beauty – Furniture built with reclaimed wood is always stunning. This is the quality all reclaimed pieces have in common, no matter where it comes from or which type of wood it is. Reclaimed heart pine, for instance, is a completely different shade and quality from reclaimed oak, but both are uniquely beautiful and rich in hue and texture.

Top Quality Custom Furniture

You deserve to have a house filled with the best custom furniture West Palm Beach. Contact Maurice’s Furnishings today at 561-747-4539 to learn more.

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