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Are you looking for a way to add more personality, beauty, endurance and better features to any environment of your home? Custom kitchen cabinets and cabinetry for your bath can be some of the most essential pieces of furniture to add to your home. They usually stand out, and their look can indeed influence the feel of the entire space. This is why many homeowners think very carefully and do a lot of research before picking the best cabinets for their bath, kitchen, or even closet spaces.

Where to get started? Well, it all begins with you! Choosing the best cabinets is all about catering to your personal preferences and needs. What kind of aesthetics are you after? Are you looking for any specific functionalities from your ideal cabinets? You should ask yourself these questions in order to fully understand what to expect from the perfect cabinet.

In most cases, farmhouse style furnishings might be the best options for you. These beautiful cabinets are often designed with a charming old-fashioned style, but they will also fit the look of most modern homes, due to their inherently minimalistic beauty.

Our dedicated designers and expert team will work with you in a collaborative effort to execute a design that blends seamlessly with your style and way of life.

Unmatched Versatility and Style


Farmhouse style custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry is a particularly remarkable solution, because it combines excellent construction, with beautiful designs, making for an outstanding balance between versatility and style. These aren’t just beautiful cabinets. These are cabinets that will bring life and balance to your home, with a powerful and diverse range of possible applications.

In fact, custom cabinets are some of the most basic starting points of crafting a fine quality home environment. Before even considering other pieces of furniture and other amenities for their homes, most people, builders, designers and architects like to start from cabinets, so that they can get a better idea of their space, and how it will be arranged.

Beautifully crafted cabinetry can add the right sense of warmth to your home, and they can genuinely accent a room in a different way, adding brightness, or contributing to the creation of a “nook” space, if you so prefer. At Maurice’s Furnishings, we are specialized in the finely mastered creation of cabinets, made to the highest standards. We use fine woods, as well as sturdy materials that will ensure years and years of stability and durability.

Our goal is to create cabinets that will stand the test of time so that they can become a vital part of your home for quite some time to come. Maurice’s kitchen and bathroom cabinets are indeed made with a combination of attention to detail, passion, and experience, which have defined our craft ever since our early days.

Find out more and don’t miss out on our collection of beautiful custom furnishings. The website features a selection of great examples, showcasing Maurice’s trademark farmhouse style, and a lot more.

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