Custom Kitchens In Jupiter, Florida

Maurice’s Furnishings Of Jupiter, Florida

Maurice’s Furnishings, locally-owned and -operated, provides design services that will add some “seasoning” to your current kitchen style. Jupiter custom kitchens, even simply adding a kitchen island, create more storage and dining possibilities. Convert your canteen into the hub for family time and social gatherings.  

Food brings us all closer. In fact, many families spend quality time by cooking and dining together. Why settle for the “stock” kitchen that came with your home? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Maurice’s has been serving the southeastern coast of Florida since its humble beginnings as an antique shop in 1981, then located in Juno Beach. Maurice Sr., along with wife Tony, worked to grow the business into the immaculate showroom that it is today in Jupiter, FL. In addition to antique and other solid-wood furnishings, they have expanded to include custom furniture and even entire custom kitchens with the help of their children. Although son Maurice Jr. and daughter Natasja have taken over operations at the showroom, Maurice Sr. and Tony keep a helpful hand involved with the daily tasks. 

Whether what you need is accessible in the showroom or you’d like your kitchen to be more unique, knowledgeable designers are available to create the perfect galley for your home.

Just a few reasons to consider a Jupiter custom kitchen:

Kitchen Islands Allow More Storage Space

In addition, add barstools to create a breakfast counter. Imagine throwing dinner parties with guests chatting at the bar. Think of the additional room for appliances that may require electrical plugs.

A Place For Everything, And Everything In Its Place

When there’s a place for everything, nothing can be out of place. This means less clutter, opening up even more space on the countertops. The simple look will bring a needed freshness and calm to your home.

Quality Furnishings Increase In Value

If ever you must sell your property, having an exclusively designed Jupiter custom kitchen can increase the value of your home. If not just in dollars, a perfect kitchen is priceless.


Whether you invite your neighbors and friends or use your kitchen as a hideaway for yourself and your family, a custom kitchen is sure to entertain. Some families watch television as they cook while others may prefer to do things the old-fashioned way. One party needs room for dancing, while others need a large table for quiet convening. 

Excuse To Buy The Very Best For Yourself

Maurice’s high-quality wood Jupiter furniture crafted especially for custom kitchens will ensure long-lasting durability. 

Why Choose Maurice’s

The possibilities are endless. Maurice’s Furnishings delivers the best in quality and customization. At their facility in Port St. Lucie, skilled craftsmen use solid wood to build custom furniture to match the dreams of the client. Each project is overseen by Maurice himself. That’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

These countless options, available to clients all over the world, keep the showroom quite busy. Keeping in mind that it is still family-operated, you will be served in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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