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Great Island Ideas for Custom Kitchens Jupiter

At Maurice’s Furnishings, we offer stunning custom kitchens Jupiter that will provide your home with added warmth, character, and convenience. Our custom cabinetry is built with reclaimed timber at our own production facility in Florida, one of the only in the nation still building only with solid wood. We are family owned and operated, and we take the same quality care with every project. Through the years, we have earned a reputation for building extraordinary custom kitchens and other furniture that is durable and beautiful.

The Heart of the Home

It is no mere cliché to say that a kitchen is the heart of a home. This is where families and friends gather for a three-times-per-day activity. Our bodies are fueled by food, and it’s more fun to prepare quality, healthful food in a gorgeous kitchen. We use reclaimed wood for our custom kitchens Jupiter, which means that there are special qualities in the cabinetry that come from the materials used to build them. We think this is the right material where the following things usually happen on a daily basis:

  • Food is prepared that is good for mind, body, and soul.
  • Everyone in the family enjoys congregating in the kitchen during food preparation and mealtime.
  • Kitchens can be designed with features that make it a great environment for everyone. A kitchen office, seating area around a kitchen island, and custom media center can all be added features that pull the family together.
  • The design of the kitchen sets the tone of a home perhaps more than any other room.

Kitchen Features

The reclaimed wood we use to build extraordinary kitchens provides such qualities as rarity, timelessness, historical value, and uniqueness. When our striking kitchens are complete with modern, convenient features, they are even more cherished. You may want a kitchen island cooktop, a dishwasher in a drawer, fridge drawers, or even a custom kitchenette. The designs of our kitchens can incorporate the preferences of our clients, which is typically a marriage of convenience and timeless beauty. There is also undeniable warmth and charm in a custom kitchen from Maurice’s. You’re probably less likely to need to repeat the dinnertime bell.

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

There are practical benefits to reclaimed wood that make it a coveted material by many designers and builders. Maurice himself has traveled in various places throughout the world, from time to time, in search of the perfect reclaimed timber for a particular project. Whether the wood is reclaimed from an old church, mill, factory, barn, house, or other ancient structure in the U.S. or abroad, it has the following attributes:

Historical Significance – There is character in reclaimed wood due to the historical value and story behind the original structure in which it was used.

Environmental Benefits By using reclaimed wood, eco-systems can remain undisturbed, forests can be preserved, and the need for fresh timber can be reduced.

Quality – Reclaimed wood has greater density, strength, and durability than new lumber. Reclaimed wood is dry and therefore has less of a tendency to warp, twist, or shrink.

Beauty – There is added depth of color and texture in reclaimed wood, making every piece truly beautiful.

Stunning Custom Kitchens

For the best in cherished custom kitchens Jupiter, contact Maurice’s Furnishings today at 561-747-4539.

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