Custom Kitchens Palm Beach Gardens

Designing Custom Kitchens Palm Beach Gardens

Custom kitchens Palm Beach Gardens from Maurice’s Furnishings are made with materials of superior quality and beauty. A family owned and operated establishment, Maurice’s treats each custom project with the same high level of care and workmanship. Designers and builders across the U.S. and internationally have sought us out to collaborate on designing and building custom kitchens and other custom furniture and cabinetry. In the many years since Maurice’s was established, we have earned a reputation for producing extraordinary cabinetry and furniture. A kitchen with our custom cabinetry becomes even more treasured than it already is, by nature of being in the heart of the home.

The Importance of the Kitchen

In any home, the kitchen is an important place. While other rooms may possess many qualities that draw the family together, no place beats the kitchen. Truly the heart of the home, a kitchen deserves to be the place where superior workmanship with reclaimed wood is displayed every day. Kitchens are loved for the following reasons and more:

  • It’s the place where food that is good for body, mind, and soul is prepared for the entire family.
  • Family and friends laugh and enjoy congregating during preparation of meals.
  • The kitchen may have additional seating for meals or a media center, which prolongs the enjoyment of the room.
  • The home’s entire design is oftentimes inspired by the kitchen.

Custom Kitchen Options

Because of the building material we use at Maurice’s, our custom kitchens always have such attributes as uniqueness, historical value, timelessness, and rarity. Coupled with convenient modern features, our custom kitchens are treasured places to build lifetime memories. Options you can choose for your kitchen include fridge drawers, a dishwasher in a drawer, a built-in wine fridge, and more. When you choose features that will draw members of your family together, such as a desk or media center, you set the stage for a warm gathering place.

Reclaimed Wood

Custom kitchens Palm Beach Gardens made with reclaimed wood provide practical benefits and extraordinary beauty. Maurice himself has traveled the world on occasion, searching for the reclaimed wood that perfectly suits a particular custom kitchen or other custom projects. We find wonderful sources of reclaimed wood in antique factories, barns, mills, houses, and churches in the U.S. and overseas. Some of the benefits of reclaimed timber follow:

Historical Significance – At Maurice’s we love the historical value in every piece of reclaimed wood. There is a story behind every old structure, and it adds character to newly built custom kitchens.

Environmental Benefits – Contributing to the environment in positive ways is a good thing, and we are proud that using reclaimed wood is an environmentally friendly practice. We keep eco-systems intact and help to preserve forests by using reclaimed timber.

Quality – Builders and designers everywhere covet reclaimed wood for various projects because the wood has greater durability, strength, and density than fresh cut lumber. While new wood tends to twist, shrink, or warp, reclaimed wood is much drier and more stable.

Beauty – Above all else, there is an inherent beauty in kitchen cabinets made with reclaimed wood. Antique wood has greater depths of color, texture, and splendor.

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