Custom Kitchens Palm Beach

Choosing the Right Contractor for Custom Kitchens Palm Beach

Maurice’s Furnishings offers solid-wood custom kitchens Palm Beach that possess unique character and elevated charm. We build our custom cabinetry and other furniture at our own production facility in Florida. Over the years, Maurice’s has become renowned for building extraordinary custom cabinetry and home furniture. A family-owned and operated company, we put care into every custom project.

The Centerpiece of the Home

The kitchen is the heart or centerpiece of the home. Up to three times per day, family and friends often spend time in the kitchen, preparing meals and sharing one another’s company. We build with reclaimed wood, which guarantees that kitchens are not only beautiful but also durable enough to be cherished for generations. The design of a home is often centered around the kitchen, and we can’t imagine better inspirations than custom kitchens Palm Beach from Maurice’s Furnishings.

The kitchen is where food for the body, mind, and soul is prepared. Perhaps more than any other room, the kitchen is where families and friends congregate and share laughter. When you have the added benefit of a gorgeous custom kitchen that is designed to meet the demands of your family, there is even more reason to treasure the heart of the home.

Kitchen Features

With a custom kitchen from Maurice’s, timelessness, historical value, rarity, and uniqueness are built right in. Add modern features, and your family has even more reason to gather in the kitchen. You may choose such personal touches as fridge drawers, a dishwasher in a drawer, and a kitchen island cooktop. Your custom kitchen can be designed to incorporate the needs of your unique family, which may include an office nook and a media center. You may want to add a stunning kitchenette to your home or guest house. We know you will love the combination of modern convenience and the timeless beauty of our custom kitchens.

Advantages of using Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is a coveted resource among many designers and builders because of the magnificent benefits the material provides. On certain projects, Maurice has actually traveled the world in search of the ideal reclaimed timber. Our signature custom kitchens have been built from reclaimed wood we’ve gotten factories, barns, mills, houses, and churches. The following are some of the tremendous attributes of reclaimed wood:

Historical Significance – When the wood used for a project has historical value and a story from the past, it possesses character on multiple levels.

Environmental Benefits – We take pride in the fact that by using reclaimed timber, we help to preserve forests, keep eco-systems intact, and reduce the demand for fresh timber.

Quality – There is greater strength, density, and durability in reclaimed timber than in fresh cut timber. Reclaimed wood is less prone to twist, shrink, or warp.

Beauty – Reclaimed wood has added texture and color that makes it outstandingly beautiful for custom kitchens.

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