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The Essence of Cabinets in Custom Kitchens West Palm Beach

We offer solid-wood custom kitchens West Palm Beach that possess unique character and warmth at Maurice’s Furnishings. Our custom cabinetry is built at our own production facility in Florida. Over the years, Maurice’s has earned a reputation for building extraordinary custom kitchens. We have collaborated with designers and builders in the U.S. and abroad to design and build magnificent creations for the home.

The Heart of the Home

We buy into the claim that the kitchen is the heart of a home. We believe our custom kitchens are perfect for homeowners who desire a room with the warmth and character to fit its purpose. We use wonderful reclaimed wood for our cabinetry, which adds character to the beautiful workmanship. The following are some of the reasons kitchens are so important in a home:

  • Food good for body, mind, and soul is prepared for the entire household.
  • Congregating during meal preparation is fun for family and friends.
  • With such features as additional seating, a desk nook, and a media center in the kitchen, there are more reasons to prolong gatherings in the kitchen.
  • The kitchen often serves as the inspiration for design of the entire home.

Kitchen Cabinetry Options

By using reclaimed wood, our custom kitchens West Palm Beach have such qualities as timelessness, rarity, historical value, and uniqueness. When these attributes are combined with modern features, the kitchen becomes a very special and inviting place. Options you might choose for your kitchen include a built-in wine fridge, a dishwasher in a drawer, fridge drawers, and more.

Reclaimed Timber

There have been times when Maurice has traveled the globe in search of the perfect reclaimed wood for a particular custom kitchen. Every project is of great importance, and all cabinetry is a reflection of timeless beauty that can only be obtained by using reclaimed wood. Sources of reclaimed timber include antique mills, barns, factories, churches, and houses in the United States and across the pond. The following are some of the attributes of reclaimed timber that make it a coveted resource among designers and builders everywhere:

Historical Significance – Every piece of reclaimed wood has historical significance, which adds value and character. One of the economic benefits of using reclaimed wood is that the aged structures a city opens up as a source of antique timber provide support to the local economy. You are restoring a bit of history, when reclaimed wood from an old building or barn is used to build your kitchen cabinetry.

Environmental Benefits – We consider the use of reclaimed wood to be the highest form of recycling. There are numerous benefits to the environment, when reclaimed timber is used on a building project. There is less demand for virgin timber, eco-systems remain undisturbed, and forests can be preserved.

Quality – There is more strength, durability, and density in reclaimed wood than there could ever be in new growth timber. Ancient timber is drier than new wood, as well, and is not as prone to shrink, twist, or warp.

Beauty – Beauty is something every piece of reclaimed wood has in common. There is a wide range of colors and textures, and all have tremendous depth.  The beauty of reclaimed wood is the top reason we use it for custom kitchen cabinetry.

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