Custom Made Sideboard Tables You’ll Love

Want to add a sense of elegance and style to your living space? A handmade, custom wooden sideboard table could be just what you’re looking for. Continue reading to find out more!


You’ve probably heard of a cupboard, bedside table, and a coffee table before. However, many people have never heard of a sideboard table. Yet, sideboards can add a sense of formality and beauty to living areas, kitchen spaces, and guest rooms.  Below, we answer some of the most commonly found questions about the function and design of sideboards. You’re certain to find something you’ll absolutely love!

What is a sideboard table?


A sideboard is a functional, stylish, and contemporary piece of furniture. It’s a useful storage unit that can often be disguised as one because of its streamlined look. Many people use sideboards to store important keepsakes. On the top, you can also display record players, antiques, photographs, or other special items. Characteristically, a sideboard is long and has short legs, which keep the body low to the ground. The sideboard design has a mid-century vibe. This is reminiscent of scenes from Mad Men with characters nursing a whiskey on the rocks. It’s that kind of sophisticated.

What can I use it for?


As already mentioned earlier, a sideboard can be used for a variety of things. If you have a spacious kitchen but are looking for more space, a sideboard is a great option. For starters, it will provide you with another workbench because of its short height. On top of this, it also has more drawers and cupboards to store utensils, cookware, and miscellaneous items.

In a guest room or ensuite, a sideboard would be a great way to store linen, towels, and blankets. The top could also have decorations or a welcome basket for your new guest.

These are all great ideas, however, a sideboard is generally found in a living room. The reason that a sideboard is perfect for a living space is that they are a great entertainment feature. Here are some of the most creative uses for a living room sideboard:

  • Music station: Add some speakers and a music player on top for a fun entertainment feature. Looking for something more retro? Add a record player and store the vinyl underneath!
  • Mini library: Do you have some stunning coffee table books that are getting overlooked? Display them on your sideboard so they can steal the focus of your living space.
  • Stylish bar: Take out the exotic liquor and vintage wine from your kitchen cupboard and spread them out on your sideboard. Add some stylish glasses and decanter. This will turn your living room into a trendsetting entertaining space that will have all your friends talking.

Which kind of material should I choose?


The kind of material you select for your sideboard table is deeply personal. However, it can dramatically change the interior style of your living space. To add a classic touch to a modern home without interfering with the modern look try teal, oak, or acacia. For an old-fashioned design to stay with your rustic vibe check out brushed white wood or pippy oak.

At the end of the day, the style and function of a sideboard are what you make of it. Find out more via the following links:

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