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For magnificent furniture Palm Beach Gardens, you need look no further than Maurice’s Furnishings. Family owned and operated, Maurice’s has earned a reputation through the years for our selection of extraordinary furniture. We offer imported furniture, antique furniture, and custom furniture built with high-quality reclaimed timber. We take pride in providing unique pieces that can serve as stunning focal points in the home.

Maurice’s Custom Furniture

Reclaimed wood is one of the secrets of our renowned custom furniture. We use this top quality resource for all of our custom-made projects. When we started out, in our humble beginnings, we sold primarily European pine antique furniture. Eventually, we wanted to provide our customers with beautiful antique reproductions, which led to our having a production facility for building solid-wood furniture right here in Florida.

When you order custom furniture from Maurice’s, you have a say in specifics of style, hardware, finish, wood species, trim and molding details, measurements, and upholstery. We offer the following custom-made furniture:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Servers
  • TV Consoles
  • Wall Units
  • Desks
  • Armoires

Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

The qualities in reclaimed wood make it a coveted resource among builders and designers everywhere. Fortunately, sources of reclaimed timber abound, and each piece possesses rarity, historical value, and uniqueness, no matter its former function. We get reclaimed timber from old barns, window frames, wooden fences, wineries, factories, mills, and even railroad ties. The qualities in the wood include durability, strength, and density far superior to fresh cut timber. Whereas new wood tends to twist and warp, antique wood is much drier and less prone to movement.

Maurice’s Imported Furniture

Imported furniture Palm Beach Gardens from Maurice’s provides homeowners with distinctive options. Any of the pieces we offer can give beautiful inspiration around which entire rooms can be decorated. Our selection of imported furniture at Maurice’s Furnishings includes:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Chairs
  • Benches & Stools
  • Vanities
  • Servers & TV consoles
  • Cabinets & Glass Hutches
  • Bookcases
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands

Be sure to look at our wide selection of imported furniture. We have trestle tables, French traditional chairs, ladder armchairs, an impressive selection of dressers and nightstands, and much more.

Antique Furniture

Antique furniture is where we started out at Maurice’s, and we have as deep an appreciation as ever for these beautiful pieces that have stood the test of time. We live in days when most items that we purchase quickly end up as throwaways. Antiques have already lasted for generations, which demonstrates their value and durability. All antiques have a story, and most antique furniture is durable enough to continue to be passed down for many more decades.

The value in antique furniture is also found in the fact that it is environmentally friendly. When furniture is passed down instead of thrown out, fewer trees need to be cut down for the purpose of building new pieces. At Maurice’s Furnishings, we offer antique tables, including antique door tables, benches, servers, and more.

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