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For a family-owned furniture store Jupiter that has a passion for providing homeowners with extraordinary dining tables, armoires, dressers, and much more, Maurice’s Furnishings is the place to go. The furniture in your home may have more of an impact on your life than your realize. It can improve your mood when you go home to an ideal setting at the end of a tough workday. There is a wonderful sense of pride in knowing that your home is a place that doesn’t fail to impress. But more than anything, quality imported furniture, antique furniture, and custom furniture is at its best when it serves to draw family and friends together. We believe that what we offer at Maurice’s Furnishings has these exceptional qualities and more.

Antique Furniture

At Maurice’s Furnishings, our start was in importing European pine antiques, and we have never lost our passion for valuable antique furniture. Antiques are eco-friendly because each time a piece of furniture is passed on instead of thrown out, it helps to preserve trees. There is a timeless quality to antiques, and they add aristocratic value to any home. We offer antique tables, servers, and benches.

Antique dining tables are considered precious pieces, but they are sturdy enough for whatever purpose they were built for. When you have an antique dining table, it can serve to encourage more mealtime gatherings. There are wonderful benefits of taking meals together at home, and having a special antique table to gather around just adds to the meaning.

Maurice’s Imported Furniture

Maurice’s is a furniture store Jupiter with a beautiful selection of imported furniture. Every piece we carry has the potential to serve as a unique focal point that attracts interest and inspires decoration of the entire room. We think a home should be distinctive, and we feel that all of the pieces we offer can unmistakably set a home apart. The selection of imported furniture we offer at Maurice’s Furnishings includes:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Chairs
  • Benches & Stools
  • Vanities
  • Servers & TV consoles
  • Cabinets & Glass Hutches
  • Bookcases
  • Dressers
  • Nightstands

In the same way that an antique dining table can become a regular dining place for families, imported tables can also serve to inspire frequent gatherings. Anything that encourages busy families to gain the benefits of the simple act of dining around a table together is a good thing, which is why all of the imported dining tables at Maurice’s are worth a look.

Maurice’s Custom Furniture

Our custom furniture at Maurice’s is made with reclaimed wood, which has qualities that are far superior to fresh growth timber. When you order custom furniture from Maurice’s Furnishings, you are in control of size, finish, the wood species used, trim details, and more. We offer the following custom-made furniture:

  • Dining Tables
  • Coffee & End Tables
  • Sideboard Tables
  • Servers
  • TV Consoles
  • Wall Units
  • Desks
  • Armoires

If you have a breakfast nook or dining area of a challenging size or if you need a table that’s not the typical dimensions, a custom dining table from Maurice’s is ideal. Our beautiful custom designs are durable and worthy of being treasured for generations.

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