The Wonderful Frenchman’s Forest Natural Area in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

The Escape South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is a combination of horror, suspense, and comedy, and you’re sure to have a good time with the free games and activities. “Fun and exciting Escape Room adventures for team building, family and friends. Test your mental acuity and observation skills in one of the many creatively themed and stimulating experiences offered here. Enjoy a walk through the gardens of fantasy in “Through The Looking Glass,” our interactive mystery game. Or test your riddle and communication skills in “Nightmare in The Garden’, a psychologically thrilling puzzle thriller. See more here.

The Escape South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is a great place to bring the family or have a reunion with old friends. Get ready for a wild night as you wander through the magical forests in “Lone Star Canyon.” Feel the King’s touch in the spooky maze “Maze Of The Abbey,” be wowed by the sun in “Zoo City,” and be amazed by the beauty of the night in “Dusk Manor.” The Escape South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, offers so much more than its fair share of thrilling games. The friendly folks are always ready to help with a smile. And the attractions and activities are sure to keep you coming back again. Challenging puzzles and adventures that can be enjoyed by everyone, The Escape offers up a whole new way to experience fun. Each room of The Escape is filled with puzzles and clues to solve, while new rooms become available each round. Will you solve the riddles and escape The Escape in just a few moments? Or perhaps you will need to put your wits, deductive reasoning, and memory skills to the test as you try to uncover clues and find your way out of The Escape. See here for information about Visit the PGA National Park in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

There are many fun-filled attractions for you to explore. The popular theme parks are filled with thrills and spills of all kinds. The Escape South Florida in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, is sure to provide hours of fun and excitement. Relax on the beach, trick or treating, dine out at one of the famous restaurants, or take a ride on one of the Palm Beach Gardens Ferries to experience a new kind of fun.

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