How to Give Your Modern Kitchen An Old World Appeal

Learn how to bring a dash of old in with the new, and give your modern kitchen a unique retro twist.


We all love the amazing flexibility and convenience of modern kitchens. They are easy to navigate, and filled with outstanding state of the art gadgets, which can make cooking easier and more fun. However, new kitchen efficiency doesn’t have to be a trade off for a keen sense of old world charm and appeal that’s sure to delight and inspire.

When we think of a home style kitchen, it’s impossible not to imagine a rustic scenario. The warmth of wooden beams, old cast iron tools hanging off the walls, perhaps colorful glazed tiles. Keep reading to learn more about how you can give your modern kitchen a timeless old school touch!

Light pastel shades


Many old-school kitchens are known for their bright, playful pastel shades. If you are drawn to that old-school Mediterranean vibe, that’s definitely an option that you should consider. Light blue, pale green, shell pink, yellow and white are particularly common. They can bring a breath of lightness into your kitchen along with that perfect 60s vibe. Light pastel tones are tender, soothing and sensual, creating a retreat-like atmosphere, and enriching interior design and decor with a natural feel.

If you are looking to add some more brightness to your kitchen, this might be the best approach. It’s also easy to blend these particular color options with a modern design as well as add some old school touches, which can really help get those creative juices flowing!

Wood and other natural features


Wooden features, especially distressed wood, and certain plants and accessories are among the most popular options for people looking to give their kitchen an old-school makeover. The beauty of these materials is that they are actually timeless. Wood is a natural feature, and like many basic materials, it is certain to never go out of style! Some modern kitchens are starting to incorporate built-in wooden cutting boards on their kitchen island. These aren’t only stunning, but also quite practical and versatile, because they combine beautiful natural aesthetics with functionality. You’ll be able to get some old school eye candy for your kitchen, as well as reaping its advantageous benefits!

Cast Iron, copper and bronze


Cast iron, copper and bronze are 3 attractive materials, which lend themselves to an old-school vibe. You can repurpose old oil canisters, jars, vases, clocks and pots as charming kitchen ornaments. They might not bring anything particularly useful to the table, but they easily add an old school flair! These materials can merge very well with a modern vibe as well, helping you to create a fantastic blend of old and new.

Repurposed farm tools and other vintage accessories


Vintage farm tools, antique chandeliers, lantern lights, lamps and other classic items, including retro kitchen appliances, old paintings and furniture, can give just the right old world appeal to any modern kitchen. All these stunning details add up to become the true aesthetic design of the room.

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