Jupiter Bathroom Vanities by Maurice’s Furnishings

Maurice’s Furniture – Jupiter, FL Bathroom Vanities

Maurice’s Furnishings is a one-stop-shop for all high-quality furniture needs. Locally owned and operated, Maurice’s has brought service to the southeastern coast of Florida since opening in 1981 as a little antique shop. Now their immaculate showroom is in Jupiter with a nearby production facility in Port St. Lucie. They always deliver the best in solid wood furnishings with outstanding service, now all over the globe.

A trend that is coming back in home décor is bathroom vanities. No longer considered bulky pieces of the past, bathroom vanities are making their way back into homes as space-creating necessities. 

Reasons to consider adding a Jupiter bathroom vanity:

Storage/Counter Space

The idea is to get everything OFF the counter but having the space to work with is always a plus. The cupboards and drawers lend a lot of room to tuck away hair products, soaps and cleaners, and any other bathroom essentials. Bathroom vanities are perfect for people who share a bathroom, or anyone who likes to keep things neat and tidy. There’s a place for towels, bath tissue, lotions, and still enough counter space for Dad to braid daughter’s hair before school.

Perfect Fit

Adding a bathroom vanity to the home is an investment that increases in value over time. Maurice’s Furnishings of Jupiter, FL offers customer furniture at the highest quality. They use tried-and-true building techniques along with solid wood to create lasting and beautiful pieces of furniture that fit perfectly in any home. That’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Maurice himself overlooks each custom project to ensure of that. When it’s time to install your new piece, you know it’ll have a long life along with your home.

Extend Your Vision

Décor doesn’t have to stop at the bathroom door. The bathroom is an overlooked opportunity to wow guests. With a spot for everything in your new bathroom vanity, the room can be used but remain clean and organized to the eye. With custom designs built to your vision, Maurice’s can transform your bathroom into an extension of your décor throughout the home. Everything can be cohesive when you purchase a custom Jupiter bathroom vanity from Maurice’s.

Not Just A Bathroom

Of all the rooms in your house, make the bathroom the talk of your guests. The décor doesn’t have to end at the bathroom threshold. Make a statement with these useful Jupiter bathroom vanities available at Maurice’s Furnishings. These are guaranteed to satisfy and last. Products are built at their nearby Port St. Lucie facility using skillful crafting and solid wood. For special projects, Maurice is known to travel the world to select the finest timber possible. Quality is their top priority.

Clients may also select from the styles available in the showroom. Antique and imported designs are also available. With pieces that could fit in every room of the house, Maurice’s is there for any redecorating or custom furniture needs. Their unique way of doing business cannot be beat, whether in Florida or across the country.

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