Maurice’s Furnishings Can Build A Custom Kitchen For You

One of the nicest things you can ever do when it comes to your home’s interior is to update your kitchen with custom made cabinetry. Pieces that are crafted with care and are unique to your design and vision become works of art that are not only useful, but great to look at. And although the cost is greater on the front end, the return on your investment is years of pleasure as you live in your home and higher resale value when you decide to move. Society as a whole is moving more and more toward the thought that people want a unique experience with every facet of their lives – custom cabinetry or furniture fits that bill perfectly.

In thCUSTOM-KITCHENSWest Palm Beach area, there is one name in the custom furniture and cabinetry industry that stands out among the others and that is Maurice’s Furniture. With craftsmen that build pieces from the ground up to the specifications of their clients, the cabinets and islands they create are a testament to how unique and beautiful a kitchen can truly be. So many options are available for finishes, stains and paints, not to mention hardware and configurations that really work for the cook who loves to spend time in the kitchen.

You can take the dimensions of your room and appliances, then work with the team at Maurice’s to fit in the storage options you want for your room. Do you not want to see the refrigerator sticking out like a sore thumb? Custom finished doors are the answer and Maurice’s can make this happen – in fact it is one of the most commonly requested items for a custom kitchen. Even those huge Sub-Zero or Wolf refrigerators and freezer combinations can be accommodated.

If you’ve seen a particular style or two and like elements of both, but not all of one or the other, the design team at Maurice’s can make that vision of yours a reality. That is the true measure of their craftsmanship – the ability to take an idea and execute it so that the client loves it from first sight. Nothing is more satisfying to the team at Maurice’s Furnishings than to see that first reveal when the client sees their pieces complete and in place.

Maitland-01jThe satisfaction factor then belongs to the client as they get ooohs and ahhhhs every time they have friends or family over and to do some entertaining. It never fails to give a home owner and kitchen enthusiast a thrill – that jealous little sigh. And that right there can make the extra front end costs of the customization worth it all. You, the client, got to control each step of the process from idea, to design, to construction, to finishing with Maurice’s team working with you every step of the way to execute your ideas perfectly.

It is no mistake that in the West Palm Beach area, Maurice’s Furnishings is the name residents speak first when the subject of custom kitchen cabinets comes up – they are simply the best. Please stop by to visit their beautiful showroom at 950 Jupiter Park Drive, Jupiter, FL or contact them at 561-747-4539 to schedule an appointment to begin creating your dream kitchen.


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