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High Quality Kitchen Cabinets Make an Impact That Will Last


When it comes to spicing things up in your kitchen, quality custom cabinetry can impact the overall look of your kitchen more than any one single item can. So buying the cheapest available is rarely in the best interest for you and your home. No one wants substandard hardware or inferior finishes to wear away. Unless cabinet surfaces are solid wood, painting or refinishing will be difficult or even impossible. When choosing quality kitchen cabinets it’s always important to ask about construction details and look for signs of lasting quality. Here’s some ideas how to choose high quality kitchen cabinets.

When you start considering kitchen remodeling, or even updating your kitchen, you may want to consider purchasing custom kitchen cabinets. Subtle changes can make a big difference in a house, and the best part is that they increase your home’s value.

Go With the Professionals


The key to any successful kitchen design is to utilize the experience of trusted, reputable professionals who have been in the business for a while. They will steer you to quality products, no matter what your price point. An inexperienced, or average installer could possibly take a good product and turn it into a disaster for you. Do your homework when examining which contractor you will use.

Details Make the Difference


Be sure to examine the finish and frames closely. A cloudy finish is a tell tale sign of poor quality. Ask about the brand of paint and the process that went into it. How many coats of paint do the cabinets get? How are the seams treated? What type of top coat seal will the cabinets be receiving? A good quality finish goes a long way in protecting your investment.

Examine the Insides


Rubbing your hands along the inside edges of the cabinets frames to look for sharp edges can let you know if they have been poorly made or not. If you come back with a handful of splinters you know your answer. Check the shelves. You want to have three-quarter-inch plywood or MDF shelves which will be able to withstand the substantial weight of heavy dishes and platters over time.

Check Parts


In all likelihood the parts that will fail quickest will be the hardware as they get the most use. Check the drawer guides, hinges and other moving parts that will be exposed to the most wear and tear. Look for brand name hardware and ask if there is a lifetime warranty.

When parts fail, you will need to get replacements easily.
Pull the drawers out and turn them upside down. Look for drawers with dovetail construction on all four corners. Other construction techniques (mortise, tenon, or glued dowel joints) are used in quality cabinets as well. However, if the bottom is simply pinned or stapled, it’s likely the drawer will not hold up for long.

Educate Yourself


The best thing you can do is educate yourself on kitchen cabinet quality by visiting quality cabinet sources. If you work with a remodeling firm or contractor they might make their own cabinets or sub-contract with a local cabinet maker.

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