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The selection of fine, unique furniture is inspiring. At their very best, home furnishings have an outstanding quality, including chairs, cabinets, tables, vanities, dressers, and benches. Ornate trestle tables Jupiter are available, and their rich history provides the bonus of being an interesting conversation piece for history buffs.

The First Dining Table Plus So Much More

When you are familiar with the history of trestle tables, having one of these beauties from Maurice’s Furnishings is all the more intriguing. The original design was simply loose boards set on top of trestle legs. There were multiple purposes for this design. It helps to set the scene.

Historians agree that trestle tables were probably first used in medieval times, when there were castles and the threat of attacks by marauders was constant. The narrow tables were occupied by diners on only one side, and they sat on long benches with backs against the wall. This allowed for ease of service and more. If a sudden attack occurred, the trestle table could be flipped onto its side, to protect those who were dining.

Trestle tables widened and became shorter in length, when the threat of dinnertime attacks lessened considerably. An example of long-ago trestle table measurements is a length of 65 feet, width of 38 inches, and height of 28 inches.

The tables, as constructed in early times, were very simple to disassemble and transport. They could easily be tossed onto a horse-drawn cart during a move. In many castles, the tables were disassembled after dinner for the purpose of making room for dancing and games.

Early Structural Engineering Achievement

The creation of the original trestle tables Jupiter was truly a triumph in structural engineering. The table is lightweight and portable yet sturdy. Building the table requires a minimal amount of material. The form is also beautiful and can be crafted in limitless ways, to enhance the simplicity of the design.

The basic form of the table has survived from the original form and is virtually unchanged today. In one variation, the legs on each end of the trestle table resemble a tree. The lower section is like extending roots. A straight bole or tree trunk creates the height, and arching branches on the upper section provide the tabletop with support.

Trestle Tables Americana Style

Trestle tables have been used through the ages. In traditional Americana style, spindle-backed chairs are placed around the trestle table. The tables in Colonial America were of a much higher quality than early versions. They were usually made with waxed high-quality oak. The trestles were braced with a stretcher beam using a keyed tenon through the center of the trestles.

Modern Trestle Tables

In addition to being common in the event furniture industry, trestle tables are often used for the head table at weddings and for various other auspicious occasions.

Visit Maurice’s Furnishings to see a stunning selection of dining tables. You may just find a trestle tables Jupiter that’s ideal for your home.

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