Visit Roger Dean Stadium

Visit Roger Dean Stadium

Roger Dean Stadium is a baseball stadium located in the Abacoa community of the town of Jupiter, Florida. It is the spring training home of the MLB’s St Louis Cardinals and Miami Marlins. It also plays host to the Minor League Jupiter Hammerheads and Palm Beach Cardinals during the summer. The stadium holds 6,871 people and features luxury sky-box seating. Find more information here.

Catch A Good Baseball Game

As it is a training venue of two major league teams and the home of two minor league teams, there is every chance you will find a game of baseball at the Roger Dean Stadium. Baseball is America’s second most popular sport, only second to American Football, and attracts enormous crowds of people who create an electric atmosphere. Even if you do not fancy a game of baseball, the crowd cheering and singing at every point pick of the bat and whack of the ball will have you falling in love with the sport. Also, a good chance for fans to take selfies and pick out autographs after a game or training session. See here for information about Palm Beach International Raceway.

An assortment of Snacks and Drinks

There are also various snack vendors and a place where you can get something to drink during the game, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

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