Where Does Reclaimed Wood Come From

There is nothing like a good story. We love to hear a great love story with a romantic ending. We love stories that are unique and passionate and one-of-a-kind. Nothing is as captivating as a story that draws us in and speaks to each individual on their own level. That must be one of the fascinations with reclaimed wood and what is made from it in a next iteration.

Reclaimed wood is lumber that has had a former life as something other than what it is now serving as or intended for. There are actually many sources of reclaimed wood around the country, and you probably pass some of these sources every day as you travel to and from your workplace. Barns are one of the best sources of reclaimed wood anywhere around – especially old barns that are still standing after many, many years of use and/or disuse. The timbers in these old barns have stood the test of time, they have a weathered patina that can’t be reproduced, and they are sturdy reminders of a time gone by. These barns have stories to tell and secrets to whisper to us when they are reclaimed and made into flooring or siding or furniture or cabinetry – showing off that age-earned patina in a new setting where it is loved for exactly what it is – useful and beautiful still.

Other sources of reclaimed wood are standing in just about every city in the country as well – industrial areas with buildings that used timber inside for either flooring or structure. Old wineries or breweries where alcohol was kept in wooden casks – sometimes huge in size, and old vertical plank water tanks of old. These pieces have another type of patina that came from the liquids they held – something so unique it, too, can’t be reproduced with any accuracy.

Timbers from railroad ties, and those old crooked wooden fences you see scattered here and there in the countryside are other sources of reclaimed wood. They are usually used in window frames, furniture or other pieces where quantity isn’t a factor like it would be for flooring. Another exceptional source for reclaimed wood is from trees that have died naturally but remained standing. These trees dry out as they stand and create lumber that doesn’t twist or warp like green wood would do.

No matter where the reclaimed wood comes from, it reminds us that we can be environmentally friendly in sourcing it for further use as something new. We have just participated in something sustainable that benefits our world. Maurice’s Furnishings in West Palm Beach loves to take reclaimed wood and create stunning pieces of custom furniture or cabinetry that brings out the best features of those historic pieces – helping them tell their story of past lives without saying a word.

Any way you cut it, reclaimed wood is a wonderful way to populate your home with something old as something new and useful into the future. If this appeals to you, contact Maurice’s Furnishings at 561-747-4539 and see what they have to offer for your home with their reclaimed wood pieces.


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