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Custom Kitchens In Jupiter, FL

Maurice’s Furnishings has serviced the southeastern coast of Florida since opening as an antique shop in Juno Beach. The showroom is now located in Jupiter, FL and has expanded to include antique, imported, Four Season’s and custom furniture. Although Maurice’s is known to build excellent custom kitchens, a kitchen island is a good starting place when redecorating your canteen.

With a production facility in nearby Port St. Lucie, customers know they are getting skillfully crafted furniture from a truly local and family-owned business. Customers are treated warmly and given the opportunity to create the kitchen of their dreams. 

Reasons to jump for a Jupiter kitchen island:

Storage Space

With Maurice’s Furnishings, customers all over the world can design a custom creation for their entire kitchen. Even simply adding Jupiter kitchen islands will increase the amount of storage available in the home. Customize your kitchen island by selecting the exact amount of storage you need for your home. A trending style is to have open shelving for your island.

Counter Space

It’s all about space! When there’s a place for anything, everything can stay in its place. The freshness of a de-cluttered room is always welcomed, especially in a kitchen. Kitchen islands offer counter space for appliances or even a separate workspace. Imagine cooking with the family on a holiday.


Add a few barstools and the kitchen island is ready for entertaining. Consider wine-tasting or throwing a potluck. That’s a fun and cost-effective way to bring the gang together. A Jupiter kitchen island is just another area for people to gather around.


Obtaining a high-quality upgrade to your kitchen, like offered at Maurice’s, increases the value of your home. It will be the talk of the guests. Having unique décor is sure to be the envy of the neighborhood. Customizations are an untapped resource people have yet to take advantage of with its long-lasting value.

Breakfast Nook

All the rage in the 2000s, this useful breakfast area can be devised out of a simple kitchen island. Again, pushing a few barstools up to the counter, family members can eat a quick breakfast without traveling to the dining room table.

Move your Sink/Stove

Placing your stove in your Jupiter kitchen island can help you easily navigate between the sink and fridge in a triangle. Home chefs will find this useful when cooking their many elaborate multi-step meals. Suspend pots and pans from the ceiling or add in a hanging exhaust fan.

Why You Should Choose Maurice’s

Again, the possibilities are endless when considering a new kitchen island. Kitchen islands are a perfect first step to upgrading your galley. It can transform your home and create a hub for entertainment. Using this bit of space can surprisingly create more working room for cooking and dining in the future.

Maurice’s Furnishings is the base for all your Jupiter custom kitchen needs. Kitchen islands are only a small part of what they have to offer. With solid wood pieces available for any room in the house, the showroom is something to behold.

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