Best Antique Furniture North Palm Beach

The Best Antique Furniture North Palm Beach Has Much More Than Just Antiques


Once upon a time, more than three decades ago, an antique furniture North Palm Beach opened its doors in Juno Beach, founded by a Dutch immigrant who came with his family to the shores of the United States with a dream of building a business around a surprisingly simple concept: offering furniture that was better made than the mass-produced pieces that had become popular at the time. From arguably humble beginnings, Maurice’s Furnishings expanded to offer not just the beautiful antiques Maurice Jonker, Sr. discovered as he traveled the globe, but also brand-new furniture, custom built by master craftsman for the burgeoning antique furniture North Palm Beach client base of this ever-growing North Palm Beach company.

That growth, and the notoriety that’s come from being known as one of the last fine furniture makers building exclusively in the USA, seems almost at odds with the way Maurice’s Furnishings conducts its business — with personal service and an attention to the littlest details that makes working with them like a pleasant throwback to another age. The company is helmed by Maurice Jonker Jr., and much of the rest of the family are active in day-to-day operations. Maurice Sr. and his wife Tony are still keeping involved as well; even as it reaches customers across the country and internationally, it still feels much as it likely did 30-odd years ago, a family affair.

Beyond the solid wood custom furniture, the team at Maurice’s Furnishings have brought time-honored techniques in custom cabinetmaking into the best kitchens in North Palm Beach. The team here in  prides itself on offering pieces and sets that are truly built to last, for future generations to enjoy — perhaps not an altogether surprising aspiration for truly family-oriented antique furniture North Palm Beach.


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