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Maurice’s Furniture is a family-owned and local company that is known for the production of high-end furniture in West Palm Beach, Florida. Through the years, we have been a trusted name in the industry, as proven by the positive feedbacks from the majority of our clients. From aesthetics to functionality, we can commit towards the production of nothing but the best outputs. With the use of excellent materials and the presence of an expert design team, you will surely not regret choosing us for all of your furniture needs.

Furniture Customized to Your Needs


Our company is known for producing designs that are tailor-fitted for the needs of specific clients. If you want your furniture in West Palm Beach to exude uniqueness, we are the right company to call. Regardless of the design perspective you have in mind, just talk to us and we will find a way on how to have it transformed into reality. We can design custom-made cabinetries for the different parts of the house, guaranteeing not only a functional furniture, but also one that is aesthetically pleasing. From the material to the design, we will make sure that they are attuned to your specific requirements.

A Trusted Choice for Antique Furniture


While you will have several choices for antique furniture in West Palm Beach, Florida, we are confident to say that we are the best. We sell unique antique furniture from different parts of the world, mostly from Europe. These furniture selections will be perfect for anyone who has the penchant for sophistication and elegance. It is sure to add a touch of old charm to your home. Aside from selling original vintage pieces, we also create antique reproductions. With a pool of design experts, we make sure that it will look as close as possible to the original piece. Whether you are looking for antique tables, servers, benches, cabinets, doors, chairs, and drawers, among others, we got you covered. Feel free to browse through our eclectic selection of antique pieces and be mesmerized with their rustic beauty.

Expert Team, Superior Materials


How exactly do we make sure of providing the best furniture in West Palm Beach, Florida? We are able to do so because of the presence of a highly competent workforce who are experts in their craft. Our people have competitive backgrounds and creative minds to allow them to produce unique pieces. They are attentive to details, making sure each furniture is going to have a fascinating design. Aside from our people, we also take pride in using nothing but the best materials. We use high quality wood known to withstand the test of time.

Call us now or browse through our website to have an idea on what custom and antique furniture in West Palm Beach area we can provide. For sure, you will love our wide selection of custom-built and imported furniture!


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