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One of the main reasons why people choose antique doors & gates for their home is because these products are of high quality and will add years of lasting value to your home or dwelling. An entrance door or gate should be a lot more than simply a point to enter into your structure. It should make a statement about what kind of people live inside.

Discerning homeowners understand and appreciate the beauty and warmth that antique doors & gates provide for a home. Quality solid wood doors and gates offer protection and beauty to every entrance way. There is nothing quite like a handmade wooden door or gate for homes of distinction. These beautiful doors and gates are made by craftsman who spent hours, days, and weeks laboring to make a perfect piece of art.

A handcrafted door will use solid wood stile and rail construction from hardwoods such as mahogany, oak, and maple. Today’s modern door and gate manufacturers will not be able to match the quality or beauty of these antique masterpieces. The majority of doors that are manufactured for homes today use laminated stile and rail construction. They may claim to be using a solid wood panel, but do not be fooled because they are constructed of inferior quality.

You may consider an antique gate or door to be excessive in price, but in reality they are very reasonably priced. If you were to have a craftsman construct a gate or door with the same quality, craftsmanship and superior materials from yesteryear, you would pay 10 times the cost. Besides, these antiquities will increase in value as they get older. The same cannot be said of any modern manufactured door or gate.

The best way to think about it is to realize that you are investing in a commodity that will increase in value year after year. These unique handmade solid wooden doors and gates are like pieces of art that will enhance the beauty of your home. However, more importantly, they will provide you with a sense of pride and enjoyment.

A vintage door or gate is sturdy and dependable. They will not require costly future prepares. Also a solid wood door is energy efficient as it is a natural insulator. It will save you money on both your heating and air-conditioning expenses.

There are many companies that can provide you with a huge selection of interesting antique gates and doors. Many of these doors come from different countries and time periods and therefore you will be able to enjoy the historical and educational aspect of your purchase. These doors and gates have stories to tell about people from a different culture and time.

Take a moment to reflect about the historical significance of these doorsDoors and gates, since the beginning of time, have been created from solid wood. There was no particleboard, fiberglass, or aluminum available back in ancient times. Despite all of the modern technologies and advancements in materials and design, there still is nothing that compares with the quality of wooden doors and gates that were made by craftsman of yesteryear.

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